Hello my dear friends ;)!

Some days ago i had very cool shoot with blue bicycle from https://www.velomarket.ee/

lovely pink shoes from https://www.jadore.ee/ and beautiful flowers from FB – Tatjana Fitania

Actually in the morning was not nice weather at all, grey sky, little bit cold and windy and we all big team was thinking maybe not photo shoot today….  but all staff was ready, especially flowers – they was fresh handmade and needed water and could not wait until next day… we all was waiting a weather, hour by hour…

It´s our cold Estonian summer, You never know even in summer, how will be the weather next day, sunshine, dark sky, rain or even can be snow ;)! But later at afternoon sun starts sunning and here You will see our big team photo shoot results. Enjoy and let as know in a comments, how do You like it  :)!

Btw! There is 1 photo, where i am reading a book – it´s a first Estonian erotic novel book “Cougar” by Helene Moss, if You start to read – You could not stop, be careful ;)! That book i got as a present from one of my lovely fiend Maria

Photos by my favorite photographer – Merili Kevvai