Hey guys,

In June 2018 was Mrs Worldwide International competition in Singapore! I got amazing CROWN and 2 titles:

1. Mrs. Worldwide International 2018 – TIMELESS BEAUTY

2. 1 – runner up BEST TALENT ( i did Brasilia Samba show )

25 girls from all over the World competing there. It was hard, full of fun, stress, tears and friendship. We was sleeping only 4 hours per night, did a lot of modeling and workout.I miss all girls an i hope will see them in future again, visit them countries and they visit mine.I would like to THANK YOU all supporters, thank You very much my friends for Your love and help!


My National director – Tiina Jantson, who was all days with me and helped me with my 4 heavy bags, to my best friend – Triinu Akimseu, who was all the time with me, caring, loving and did my make up and hair for Grand Final show, to luxury designer – Tatiana Cole, Wahington DC, who did my beautiful Princess yellow dress for Grand Finale, to – Joe Tamm for amazing video and photos! Joe Tamm – photographer from Singapore!


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